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Keith Haring

Keith Haring

We genuinely believe that by 'spreading love' and 'mutual understanding,' we can bridge the gap of discrimination, much like Keith Haring's original quest in the realm of art. Keith Haring navigated the chaos of the world, infusing joy through bold lines, vibrant hues, and whimsical characters. In parallel, his creations served as a beacon, casting a spotlight on pressing societal matters, thereby solidifying his commitment to marginalized communities. Even though no longer with us, Keith Haring's convictions continue to reverberate, profoundly influencing the world. His legacy encourages us to strip off the societal labels amid the clashes of ethnicity, to unite around the purest passions and delight. 
In this Co-Creation series with Keith Haring, we explore three captivating themes. 'CHASING HEART' peels away labels, revealing our common humanity – beneath it all, we're all seekers of love! Bold, vibrant hues embody Haring's classic style, a passionate response to the language of love.

'FLOLALA' stays true to Haring's essence, portraying us as dancing blossoms. We revel in unbridled joy, igniting our lives till the last moment, spreading happiness to every corner of the world.

'SHUT THE DOGS UP' captures a moment when people opine on matters they don't fully grasp. But amidst the world's clamour, we're free to cast aside biases, embracing the world as our playground, ready for boundless adventure. 

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