So, travel's back on the menu, and guess what? It's got a fresh twist this time around. Picture this: scrolling through your phone, you see all sorts of places and faces, but guess what everyone's up to? Snapping pics that make us green with envy and clocking in at a gazillion spots. It's like shouting, "Hey, I was here!" has become the main event, sometimes even more than really soaking up the moment. Can you believe it used to be different, way back before IPhone and Samsung barged into the scene? Travel was like a secret club with its own vibe. Makes me wonder, what the heck does "travel" even mean now? It's like an open-ended puzzle where each person's got their own piece. Travel surely is a puzzle, and every piece is a trip - some wild, some chill, but all worth the ride. 


Conscious Comfort Amidst the Era of “New Travel” 

Speaking of rides, the whole world's been on one rollercoaster. Life's been a mystery novel, filled with anxiety, fear, chaos, and instability. And Travel's no different. Sometimes you forget your charger, worry about losing your passport at the airport, or run into some unexpected twist. Maybe now it's the time that we finally take charge and look after ourselves, both body and soul. 

Today's world has spurred an evolution in the very nature of travel, each day birthing new trends that gently steer us toward uncharted horizons. People are hitting up remote spots like the mountains, lakes, and even those deep-sea vibes. Everywhere they steer p, they're leaving their mark. And then there's "glamping." Yep, it's like camping's bougie cousin. No more wrestling with tents or roughing them. It's all about the Insta-worthy setup. traditional camping, but hey, maybe it's just evolution in action. It mirrors the shifting preferences of a world captivated by convenience. 

What about the upgrade in travel style? With bigger budgets come fancier itineraries, posh dining, and top-notch service. But here's the kicker: Does a fancier trip necessarily mean a better one? It's like when you order the deluxe burger but it's still missing that special sauce. If the experience's not keeping up with the glam, what's the point, right? 


Exploring Familiar Boundaries: Anywhere You Go, why don't we Make It Home? 

And then, there's the comfort of home, a feeling that tugs at my heartstrings even as I journey far and wide. The rhythms of life, the cultural nuances, they linger, casting a nostalgic spell. Amidst these grand explorations, I've come to realize that a journey isn't merely about unwinding. It's a symphony of meeting kindred souls, tasting the unfamiliar, and seeking solace in the warmth of shared companionship. Who would have thought that packing a mahjong set in your luggage could be a the thing ? Picture this: carrying a mahjong set within my travel gear. An eccentric notion, isn't it? Yet, beyond the game's tiles lies a conduit to both nostalgia and connection. In the company of fellow explorers, hailing from the corners of the world, these simple pieces bridge cultures and languages, etching friendships through laughter and competition. Isn't this, in essence, what travel is all about - a journey through cultures, people, and, most importantly, the essence of self? 


As the French dude Marcel Proust said, "The real adventure is not about finding new places, but seeing with new eyes." So, yeah, I'm flipping the script on this whole travel thing. It's not just about ticking off destinations; it's about seeing life from fresh angles, breaking it down, and soaking in every second. 

To be continued...