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This world is brimming with labels – ethnicity, wealth, mainstream, or alternative. Regardless of the labels attached, they've woven a framework, a stage for various conflicts and contradictions. NCI STUDIOS, however, embraces these paradoxes. In the first chapter of our CO-CREATION series “YOU-NITED”, we’re peeling off those label constraints to perceive all possibilities through the lens of pure eclecticism.

Keith Haring

We genuinely believe that by 'spreading love' and 'mutual understanding,' we can bridge the gap of discrimination, much like Keith Haring's original quest in the realm of art. Keith Haring navigated the chaos of the world, infusing joy through bold lines, vibrant hues, and whimsical characters. In parallel, his creations served as a beacon, casting a spotlight on pressing social matters, thereby solidifying his commitment to marginalized communities. Even though no longer with us, Keith Haring's convictions convict tinue to reverberate, profoundly influencing the world. His legacy encourages us to strip off the social labels amid the clashes of ethics, to unite around the purest passions and delight...  

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